Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week15 Questions

QBs look pretty healthy although Eli Manning was on injury report.
-Some big names are probable: Brady, Rivers, Big Ben, Eli -don't worry they'll play
-Colt McCoy is Questionable-if you are starting him my condolences but check to make sure he is good to go.

-3 big names are probable J Charles, A Foster and CJ Anderson
-Shane Vereen, Reggie Bush and Ryan Mathews are Questionable with Mathews never practicing this week. I expect Bush and Vereen to play and Mathews to sit or be very unproductive if he plays.

-All the NE receivers are Q (all should play)
-DJax is 50/50
-Kendal Wright is Q and who cares
-Andre Johnson is Q with a concussion watch him carefully-if he plays expect big game since DeAndre Hopkins gets best DB

-Julius Thomas should be back
-Greg Olsen is P
-Charles Clay and Jermaine Gresham ( I own them both on same team) are Q

Billy Cundiff released by CLE (they added Garett Hartley)
Robbie Gould practiced Saturday for MNF but is Questionable-I expect Jay Feely to fill in for Gould.

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