Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 fantasy leagues

The Holidays are over. Time to get back to the fantasy week.
Let’s review how I did in 2008 in my fantasy leagues.

Highlight has to be my 7th place overall finish in the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC). This event had 180 of the best fantasy football players competing for a $75,000 1st place check. Going into the last weekend I was 2nd, but a super human effort by fantasy football player DeAngelo Williams (108 yards rushing and 4 TDs = 34.8 points) left me in 7th place. Still a top 5% finish!

Fantasy Football Players Championship 7th overall (7 of 180) for a top 5% finish

As far as my other 13 fantasy league football:

League Results
Fantasy Index Expert Auction 2nd Place Overall
FFPC Satellite #17 2nd place 2nd place
Diehards Expert league 3rd place
Lakenheath Local League Playoffs- 3rd place
WCOFF Satellite #51 Playoffs

NFFC Consolation Round 65th of 270
NBC Consolation Round 45th of 209
Draftbook Expert League 5th place

NFFC Satellite Did not make playoffs
NBC Satellite Did not make playoffs Expert League Did not make playoffs
FFOC 1st and Goal bracket Did not make playoffs

So 7 playoff appearances in 14 leagues, don’t forget that most of these leagues are either Expert leagues (where I faced the best experts in a fantasy mock draft) or high stake leagues (where the best of the best compete). FFOC was one team versus 6000 for a chance at a million bucks. Hey you never know……………..

Please check my website ( and this blog often in the coming weeks as you get ready for your fantasy football draft, NFL fantasy football and all my 2009 fantasy drafts.

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