Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sam Hendricks (Fantasy Football Guidebook) takes 7th (of 20 Experts) in Fantasy Football Index magazine Rankings for Defenses


Roland Wood is the early leader as final tabulation begins of the 2008
Fantasy Football Index Experts Poll. Wood, of the Dynasty Rogues company,
scored 32,448 points in the Defense / Special Teams category, the first of
six different sections that will be graded over the next week.

Michael Nazarek of Fantasy Football Mastermind and Scott Endsley of were the other medalists in this category.

Final points are as follows ...

32448 Wood
32074 Nazarek
31986 Endsley
31860 Pianowski
31644 Henry
31616 Alan
31446 Hendricks
31444 Serra
31402 Dorey
31392 Tranquilli
31390 Liss
31328 Bakley
31290 Kamys
31128 Zegura
30992 Marshall
30898 Houston
30874 Pappano
30732 Stephens
30726 Davis
30510 Rosenthal

31396 *Fantasy Football Index (magazine picks)

* -- magazine score is for exhibition purposes only; Fantasy Football Index
is not eligible to win the poll.

The top 11 finishers in this poll earn spots in the magazine's 2009 Experts
League, which will be published in the upcoming edition of the magazine.
Whichever expert finishes first in the overall poll will get his choice of
draft position; the 2nd-place finisher will get second choice of draft
spots, and so on. The 12th and final draft spot will go to a Fantasy
Football Index reader.

The poll, started in 1991, is different from other experts competition in
that every expert has to take a stand on every significant player -- every
pick is scored. If an expert ranks a player No. 1 at a position, that
player's actual fantasy production is multiplied by 20. If an expert ranks a
player No. 2, the player's production is multiplied by 19. If the expert
ranks a player No. 3, the multiplier number is 18, and so on.

In the Defense/ST category, for example, Wood scored well against the field
by ranking the Jets 11th -- 5 spots higher than any other expert. The Jets
scored 178 points, so Wood earned 1,780 points for that pick (10 x 178).
Wood also fared well by ranking the Patriots 15th -- 5 spots lower than any
other experts. New England's defense had a lousy year (fantasy wise), but it
didn't hurt Wood as much as the rest of the field (half of the experts had
New England among their top 4 defenses).

Defenses were scored on the system of 6 points for touchdowns and 2 points
for each sack, safety, interception or fumble recovery. No points were
awarded for offensive fumble recoveries, fake field goals or fake punts.

Points used in the scoring of the defensive portion of the poll were as
follows ...

198 Philadelphia
180 Pittsburgh
178 Baltimore
178 NY Jets
176 Dallas
174 Tennessee
170 Minnesota
164 Green Bay
160 Tampa Bay
158 Arizona
158 Chicago
154 Miami
152 NY Giants
146 Oakland
136 Carolina
136 Indianapolis
134 Seattle
130 San Diego
124 Atlanta
122 Buffalo
120 New Orleans
120 San Francisco
118 St. Louis
114 Cleveland
112 Houston
112 Jacksonville
112 New England
108 Detroit
100 Cincinnati
96 Kansas City
90 Denver
90 Washington

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