Monday, January 26, 2009

What is your preliminary top 12 for the 2009 season?

What is your preliminary top 12 for the 2009 season?
Assuming a 12 team league, start 2 RBs and 3 WRs, 4 pts per Pass TD, 6 Rush TD, 1 pt per 10 rushing/rec yds, 1 pt per 20 Passing yards, 1 PPR.
1. Matt Forte- He is Da Bears #1 resource, but his rank will be lower in a non-PPR league.
2. Adrian Peterson- Based on a 2009 with no injuries (fingers crossed).
3. Brian Westbrook- If McNabb is back, Westbrook excels for one more year.
4. Michael Turner - "Burner" Turner will only get better but may face a tougher schedule.
5. Marion Barber- Could be higher but hs bruising running style presents more of a chance for injuries.
6. M. Jones-Drew- Top 3 in 2008; the ony question will be if he can handle full RB duties.
7. Andre Johnson- The best WR and imagine if Schaub would stay healthy.
8. L Tomlinson- The question is if LT will be at SD. Sproles looks mighty good right now.
9. De Williams- RBBC with Jonathan Stewart lowers his rank a bit.
10. L. Fitzgerald- Perhaps the best WR but loses some stats when there are two other 1000 yard WRs on the team (Boldin, Breaston).
11. Brandon Marshall- Imagine what he can do with a full season and no distractions; surely the new HC will not waste this asset.
12. Drew Brees- 5000 yards and such consistency. I see nothing to slow his passing stats down. Heck maybe Shockey will catch a TD pass in 2009.
Honorable Mention: Steven Jackson.

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