Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 QB Fantasy Rankings

I know it is too early, heck the 2014 NFL Draft has not even occurred although it should have Thursday. Arggggggg!

Here is my first take on the QBs and why. I still think due to the depth QB is perfect to wait on and be the last or next to last guy to take your first QB (like in round 8 or 9).

1 Drew Brees-Many will tap Peyton Manning as the #1 after his record breaking year. I have problems with that. Usually those record stay for some time-i.e the guy does not repeat. See Bree and Brady before this. But I also think Denver is going to run more-not a lot more but more especially with the loss of Eric Decker. Emanuel Sanders will do well just not as good.

2 Peyton Manning-see the reasons above for why PM has a good year.

3 Aaron Rodgers-Many will forget he had an injury plagued year in 2013 and all of his great achievements before that. Having said that he is no sleeper. But GB may run more in 2014 too. But don't bet against Rodgers. 

4 Tom Brady-He always finds a way. 

5 Mathew Stafford-Calvin Johnson finally gets a decent #2 WR in Golden Tate. If Stafford can stay upright-a big if. Big things can happen in the Motor City

6 Andrew Luck-Whats not to like in the guy. He is such a good guy you can't help but root for him and if Trent Richardson shows up at all. The sky is the limit.

7 Matt Ryan-drops some with the loss of TG and Roddy Whites additional year of work.

8 Nick Foles-without DJax but the 2nd year in Chip Kellys system

9 RG3-With DJAX. Wow. Sleeper alert

10 Tony Romo-I love the guy. Sleeper

11 Cam Newton-Drops a ton here since he lost every WR he has ever thrown to as a Pro QB except for Greg Olsen. 

12 Russell Wilson

Honorable Mention-Colin Kaepernick 

Honestly I would be happy with any of these 13 in the first 10 rounds as my starting QB as long as I got quality RBs and WRs with my first 9 picks!

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