Saturday, April 26, 2014

Winners and Losers in 2014 NFL Schedule

According to the strength of schedule calculator OAK has the toughest schedule then DEN and STL.  I agree in some regards because now the AFC West has to play the NFC West-perhaps the toughest division in football (as opposed to last year when they played the NFC East who had a bad year to say the least). But do not trust the SOS too much. More later

The easiest schedule? IND, TEN, HOU and JAX. Hmmmm they are all in the AFC South. Thus the reason why the SOS is a misnomer. It is based on the previous seasons record. If the division does poorly as a group the past year then their 6 games the coming season against poor record teams will mean an easier looking schedule. I know IND was 11-5 but the other three were a combined 13-35. The division was 24-40 overall. Ugly!

-IND Face NFC East (PHI at IND) only face real challenges DAL and CLE on the road. Start with @DEN-it is all downhill from there. 12-4 and a bye in the first round.

-CAR Need all the help they can get after Cam's injury and losing all their WRs. Playing ATL and TB may not be as easy as it looks. 
Tough road trips to GB and PHI could be pivotal. This is a sleeper team that looks like an easy schedule but watch them crumble.

-BAL Just 6 of 16 games are versus a playoff team from 2013. 

-TB plays 3 straight road games in WK 3-5 at ATL, PIT and NO. They could easily be 2-4 heading into their bye week 7.

-CIN another team with a 3 game road streak WK 11-13 at NO, HOU and TB. They also get their bye early-week 4 (most teams want a mid year break). Perhaps even tougher is the road games vs NE and IND. 11-5 will be a nice trick this year.

-STL Toughest schedule in the league in my opinion. 3 road games week 8-10 at KC, SF and AZ. Playing SF and SEA twice does not help. Plus they play the AFC West with DEN, SD and KC…and OAK too.

-AZ Same comments as STL as they are a NFC West team and play the AFC West.

-DEN They play 12 teams that were .500 or better last year. Brutal schedule this year.

Honorable Mentions
-TEN and JAX-Both teams start with 3 of 4 road games. Often the first four games sets the tone for the entire season. I.e a poor start can derail the year-especially for teams that may be struggling.

-MIN Tough start for my Vikes-@STL, NE, @NO, ATL, @GB on a short week to THURS, then DET. And they are playing at the Univ of Min so I wish them luck in 2014. Could easily start 0-6 before figuring out who their starting QB will be for the rest of the season.

For the record NO may have a tough time this year too. The Jets look like a top 10 tough schedule but with the new talent and a little luck they could be playoff bound. 

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