Sunday, April 27, 2014

NFL Scheduling Obstacles

How easy is it to schedule the NFL?

Well lets look at the problem areas…

The Vikings are playing at the University of MIN campus while their new stadium is built. This meant no home THUR or MON games or Sunday games when the Gophers were home.

SF has a new stadium but they have some agreement preventing home games on THUR and MON until next year because they are figuring out the traffic issues. They did have a waiver for Turkey day so…SF hosts SEA Thanksgiving.

There are concerts and Rugby matches to deconflict and baseball too.

-There are 3 London games
-Every team gets a Thursday game

Weird things
-CHI plays DAL the Thursday after Thanksgiving in which they both play too. So they get back to back Thursday games. 
-OAK travels to NY, NE and London all in September
-SEA only has one primetime game and that is the kickoff game when they host GB
-CHI has the maximum allowed primetime games -5

Things the NFL hates to schedule
-3 straight road games
-a road game after a Monday night road game
SEA almost had both happen with the same 3 weeks if the second best schedule was used. Wow!

The TV schedule is changing a bit too. Now there is something called cross flexing. No it is not a new gym machine. It is when CBS lets Fox take one of their games (AFC teams playing each other) or FOX lets CBS take one other their NFC match ups. Why would they do that? Well if one of the other has a ton of great games the NFL realizes not everyone will see them. You can only switch between the one CBS and FOX channel unless you have the NFL ticket. So if FOX lets CBS have a great game then maybe more fans will see more good games. Thats the thinking at least.

CBS now gets 8 of the Thursday night games and hopefully with better match ups

The flexing that NBC does on Sunday night expanded so that it can start in week 5 but only can change (sorry flex) 2 games in those 6 weeks. It really is insurance for NBC in case a QB goes down and a team stinks it up.

Now you know...

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