Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NFL Team Needs in Draft

Team Needs ranked by NFL Teams First Round 2014 Draft Position
1 HOU   (QB, RT, OLB)            
2 STL (from WAS) (OL, WR, S) 
3 JAX     (RB, OT, QB)                 
 4 CLE    (QB, RB, OG)                   
5 OAK    (QB, OL, WR)                
6 ATL     (OLB, OT, TE)                
7 TB        (OT, OG, CB, WR)               
8 MIN     (QB, OG, S)                 
9 BUF      (RT, LB, WR)        
10 DET    (S, CB, OT)               
11 TEN    (QB, CB, RB)              
12 NYG   (DT, WR, CB)                 
13 STL     (WR, OL, S)            
14 CHI     (S, CB, DT)               
15 PIT      (CB, WR, DL)             
16 DAL    (DT, DE, S)             
17 BAL    (C, RT, S)           
18 NYJ     (OG, WR, S)          
19 MIA    (RT, OG ?)              
20 ARI     (CB, S, QB)            
21 GB      (DL, S, WR, TE)
22 PHI     (S, OLB, DL)             
23 KC       (WR, S, OG)           
24 CIN      (DE, OL, CB)          
25 SD        (WR, CB, NT)          
26 CLE      (QB, RB, OG)         
27 NO        (CB, OL, OLB)          
28 CAR      (WR, OT, DB)        
29 NE         (WR, DL, C, TE?)      
30 SF          (WR, DL,  C)       
31 DEN      (WR, CB, DL)        
32 SEA       (TE, WR, DL)      

Teams not having a first round draft pick due to trade
WAS         (S, OL, LB) 
IND           (S, WR, LB)

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