Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review of Fantasy Life by Mathew Berry

I received Mathew Berry's Fantasy Life for Christmas last year.
I have finally had the time to read it and what a joy it is.
Unfortunately since it was a gift I cannot review it on Amazon (I might have to get the paperback copy-it is out 1 July 2014) just so I can post a review. 

Anyway here is my review of Fantasy Life by Mathew Berry.


Mathew Berry’s book Fantasy Life is a must read for any and all fantasy sports fans.

Be forewarned-Don’t expect any of  the “Talented Mr. Roto’s” great fantasy advice in this 353 page book. For that I recommend you read his columns or listen to his podcast (Monday through Friday) Fantasy Focus Football or Baseball on ESPN (I am almost a company man-insert ESPN jingle here).  Instead readers find a glorious cornucopia (did I just use that word?) of fantasy sports stories. I reveled in stories about drafts, attempting to set lineups, relationships involving fantasy sports, league prizes and penalties and of course Mathew Berry’s own journey from Hollywood writer to TMR to Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame Inductee. {Authors Note: I too am in the FSWA and voted for Mathew enthusiastically-he is a great fantasy sports persona}

But this great book can appeal to more than just diehard fantasy sports fans…and it is not just fantasy football, he talks about fantasy baseball and hockey and basketball too. All of which are covered in books I have recently published but I digress. I recommend every fantasy widow (you know who you are-the spouse who is left behind when the fantasy season starts only to be rediscovered after the significant other is eliminated from playoff contention) read this tome as well. Fantasy Life will give you, the un-addicted, a beautiful appreciation of the passion we fantasy sports fans have.

In short, it is a great read. Berry combines humor and his history along with poignant stories to illustrate how fantasy sports can have a big influence on our lives. He takes great pains to paint us as not as nerds but average joes who just want a little excitement. It is a spot on portrayal and the book hits the mark with its easy flow and Berry’s deprecating style. Well-done Mathew. Take a bow. Not get back to work on Fantasy Focus Football-I miss those podcasts already.

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