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2 QB Leagues-Strategies, Tips and Need to Know Information

What is it all about? Well as the name implies you start two QB every week. This doubles the demand for QB. Any time you increase demand and keep the supply (only 1 starter per team, 32 starters) the same, the value for that position goes up. In 2 QB Leagues (2QBL) QB are worth about the same as RB and WR. It will depend on your league size, starters and scoring but in a start 2/2/2/1/1/1 plus a flex (R/W/T) the first 6 rounds saw 24 QB, 20 RB, 23 WR and 5 TE drafted.

But keep in mind much will depend on your leagues scoring rules, number of teams and starter requirements. For example, in 10 team leagues it is easier to draft 3 starting QBs whereas in a 12 team league not every team can have 3 QB. In fact, at most 8 can have 3 starting QB and 4 will have only 2 starter in most scenarios. 3 QB will be needed for bye weeks and injuries. Some leagues do not start 2 QB but instead allow them to flex which changes the demand for QB as well.

Scoring rules affect demand too. If a 2QBL uses 6 points for all TDS (including passing TDs) then QB like Cam Newton, RG3 and Johny Manziel will drop in the QB rankings. There premium in 4 point passing TD leagues is diminished when all TDs are 6 points. Likewise awarding points per receptions will help some RB and all WR and TE while pushing QB back a little in the overall rankings.
How are interceptions (INT) counted? Minus 1 point or minus 2 points? The more you penalize INT the more valuable the elite QB becomes. The same applies to 6 point TD passes. The more you have of them (elite QB have more TD), the more value to represent. Hint: Draft the elite QB earlier in a 6 point passing TD league and in leagues that penalize 2 or more points for INT.
By the same token starting more players at a given position will increase demand and thus value. If a league requires more than 2 RB or WR to start or allows a flex other than QB that can devalue QB in a 2QBL.

Why do a 2QBL?
In many cases this year QB is an afterthought. You can wait until the 10th round and get Tom Brady who is probably the 10th QB off the board. The position is just so deep this year that the top 17 or 18 QBs can give you a championship if managed well. A 2QBL elevates the QB importance in FF and why not do something to give the most important position in real football more relevance in FF.

Barriers to a 2QBL
Owners will complain that they have never done it before or that not every team will have enough QB or that the NFL does not allow 2 QB so why should your league. My answer to all those protests is simple. Keep playing in your TD only league because without change that is where you will be. 

What questions should you ask before joining a 2QBL
The first question is are trades allowed. If so having only 2 QB in this type of league is more manageable because you can often trade a low end QB2 to avoid a bye week problem. Of course you need to know all the rules of the league specifically scoring and starter requirements as mentioned above. Another question is are fumbles penalized. If they are rushing passers (see above) will inevitably lose some balls when running for their lives.

What are the main strategies in a 2QBL
There are 4 major strategies:
1  1) Stud and Dud-Grab the best QB1 you can and then draft two QB2 that you can platoon to get another QB1 type performance from each week. This QB-by-committee approach (QBBC) requires 3 QB for bye week and injuries. The key is to keep track of how many QB have been drafted and by whom. You have to get two QB2! You also need to be flexible about whom you are using to platoon. has a great article annually about the QBBC for leagues that start 1 QB but the information can also be used as your QBBC in a 2QBL. Another tip-make sure your two tier 2 QB cover the bye of QB1 well.
  2) Stud QB-Draft the two best QB you can (Start draft QB-QB)-You are guaranteed to have a QB1 and probably two QB1. The downside of this strategy is you sacrifice a top RB and WR in the process. But it can be awfully sweet watching your opponents complain when they face Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton every week.
  3) QBBC-Wait on QB (also known as the Late Round QB (LRQB))-In this strategy you draft 3-4 QB late in the draft and rotate them to suit the matchups. It may be hard to use this strategy in a 12-team league since QB fly off the board quicker. It really is a boom or bust strategy. If you hit on one of your late round QB you can have a great season, on the other hand if all 3 of your QB flop it can be a long season starting two failures each week. One thing is certain-you must be an active manager to play the matchups in this tactic. JJ Zachariason has an ebook out about this.
  4)     Cheap QB-Wait on QB. Get two and hopefully three QB from Tier 2 but wait and get the last ones from that grouping. You still need to play the matchups but with only 2 QB you accept a reduced QB score with the hope that your RB and WR players make up for the QB let down.

Any other tips
In 2QBL leagues I only use three tiers of QB. I rank 35 unless I have a deep bench in which case I can handcuff a QB and rank more. 35 is a good number because of the 32 starters and then a few where the starters can go between two people-think CLE, MIN and NYJ this year.  I separate all of the draftable QBs into three groups or tiers called: QB1, QB2, and QB3. QB1 usually has around 15-these are your top starters and even those who fill in on bye weeks as top starters. QB2 consists of another 12-15 who complete the no-kidding clear starters. After this the QB3 are all unknowns for various reasons. The backup QB also fit into this category. Bottom line try and draft a QB1 and QB2 and dip into the QB3 only with caution or as a handcuff if you have the depth on your bench. This year I have 17 in QB1 (Peyton Manning through Andy Dalton and Ben Rothelisberger) and 12 more in QB2 (Eli Manning down to Jake Locker) and finish with 15 in the QB3 (Johny Manziel through Blake Bortles).

How Does Your Draft Spot Affect Strategy
If you have a chance at the stud RB (4-5), Jimmy Graham or top WR (Calvin Johnson or Demaryious Thomas) draft them. Then go for the top 3 QBs. The flip side of that is why not go with a safer QB (PM, Rodgers or Brees) rather than take a risk on a RB who fails to make the Top 10 50% of the time each year. The scoring will push a QB further up to the top spot. -2 for INT or 6 point for pass TD all make the elite QB more of a top 3 pick.

What can I expect in a 2QBL

QB will be drafted early and often. The top 3 or 4 will go in the first round. Another 3-4 will go in the 2nd round. I have even seen 15 QBs go in the first two rounds (6 pt passing TD, -2 INT). I expect all of the tier 1 QB (12-15) will be gone by the end of round 3. Then 3-4 each round through the 12 or 13th when they are depleted. In 2QBL that starts 2/2/2/1/1/1 plus a flex I expect useable starters to be 28 QB, 36 RB, 36 WR and 15 TE. This accounts for byes and injuries and flex positions.

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