Monday, August 11, 2014

FanDuel Saves You $100 at NFFC!

For the second straight year, will allow NFFC owners to save $100 to play in the NFFC


It's a deal you HAVE to take. Here's the deal for 2014: By depositing $50 into your current or new Fanduel account, you will automatically receive a $100 discount off ANY NFFC event. It's as easy as that. I did it last year and did it this year too. $50 at FanDuel saves you $100 in the NFFC!!!

Click Here to sign up for this special promotion.

Once you've signed up on, they will pass that information on. For any NFFC contest you sign up for, they will  take $100 off your entry once the NFFC receives confirmation from FanDuel that you have signed up with them. Simple enough.

I did it and then played in the NFFC $150 Satellite league on 3 August. My credit card was charged just $50 for the league ($100 off). Love it!

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