Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FFGuidebook.com Team in FFWC Qualifier League From This Weekend

I am in a Fantasy Football World Championship Qualifier league that drafted Saturday night. The 16 Aug 7pm draft took about 3 hours. Here is my team and some observations. The numbers in () are the draft round and spot. I had the 11th draft spot out of 12 teams. Luck can be a cruel mistress.
Tom Brady-NE/10 (9.11) Loved getting him this late. The Pats have an easy schedule and only face 1 Top 10 DEF. But I wish I had waited even longer like Fantasy Assassins did-they got Flaco in the 15th ( I would have taken Tannehill there) and passed on Andy Dalton in the 14th. I think Dalton and Tannehill in the 14th and 15th is a great play.
Zac Stacy-STL/4 (3.11) Great value for 3rd rd especially after Isaiah Peed went out of his game during the draft.
Ryan Mathews-SD/10 (5.11) Wanted to avoid Mathews because I think he is in a RBBC x 3.
Bishop Sankey-TEN/9 (6.02) Toss up between Sankey and Rice. I went with the rookie knowing his HC was cheaper.
Steven Ridley-NE/10 (8.02)-Fumble boy was too good to pass up although as a rule I am staying away from NE RBs.
DeAngelo Williams-CAR/12 (10.02) What the heck
Shonn Greene-TEN/9 (Handcuff) (11.11)
Donald Brown-SD/`10 (HC) (13.11)
Jonathan Stewart-CAR/12 (HC) (15.11)
I do not usually advocate Handcuffs unless they are sure things to play then and have the skill sets to do well. At least all three handcuffs here will be the man if the other guy goes down.
AJ Green-CIN/4 (1.11) Once top 5 RBs and Jimmy Graham are gone then it is nothing but WRs in the 1st rd. The team ahead of me Route C took My favorite this year Brandon Marshall.
Jordy Nelson-GB/9 (2.02) He has best chance of being a Top 5 WR of those below the Top 5.
Andre Johnson-HOU/10 (4.02) Started WR-WR-RB-WR. Could not pass up AJ in 4th.
Marquise Lee-JAX/11 (12.02) Love this guy with Jax especially with all their injuries and suspensions. Could easily be #1 WR there.
Harry Douglas-ATL/9 (14.02) What are the chances either Roddy White or Julio Jones gets hurt again??????
Robert Woods-BUF/9 (17.11) I also like Mike Williams who went before Woods
Andre Holmes-OAK/5 (20.02) Lottery ticket with upside
Greg Olsen-CAR/12 (7.11) Cam has nobody else to throw to...
Heath Miller-PIT/12 (16.02)
I know they both have the same bye week but Miller was such great value (love him as a sleeper TE this year) that I could not pass him up.
Phil Dawson-SF/8 (19.11) My #4 kicker
CHICAGO-9 (18.02) My #7 Defense.
Overall I like my team-kiss of death. I usually like to go more WR and one less TE in this format unless a good TE falls which was the case of Heath Miller. Brady has a late bye (week 10) and there are tons of QBs still on the waiver wire (A Smith, Bradford, EJ Manuel and J Manziel to name a few) so I can find his sub there. My first 3 WRs start every week unless hurt or on a bye. I can find 2 flex players from all the RBs and if I hit on a WR or two even better. 

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