Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Fantasy Football RB Top 15 Rankings

Adrian Peterson-MIN/5 (T Gerhart)
Doug Martin-TB/5 (P Hillis?/M.Smith/M James)   (1.02)
Arian Foster-HOU/8 (B Tate)                              (1.06)
Ray Rice-BAL/8 (B Pierce)                                  (1.09)
Jamaal Charles-KC/10 (K Davis) Strain foot          (1.04)
C. J. Spiller-BUF/12 (F Jax) Great YACO              (1.07)
LeSean McCoy-PHI/12 (B Brown)                    (1.11)
Trent Richardson-CLE/10 (B Jackson?) durability but Norv Turner as OC (1.08)
Matt Forte-CHI/8 (M Bush)                                (2.02)
Marshawn Lynch-SEA/12 (R Turbin)                    1.12
Chris Johnson-TEN/8 (S. Greene)                    2.04
Steven Jackson-ATL/6 ( J Rodgers) (Top 10?)  2.03
MJD-JAX/9 (J Forsett) (Top 10 in 5 of 7 seasons, contract yr) 3.04
Alfred Morris-WAS/5 (Helu/C Thompson/Royster) 2.07
15) Reggie Bush-DET/9 (LeShoure/J Bell) KR too, Artificial turf bad for inj 2.08

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