Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fantasy Football Players Championship sets record with 976 Main Event teams paid in full so far...on track for over 1,000 teams in 2013 Main Event

The Fantasy Football Players Championship does it again in 2013! They now have 976 fully paid entries for their Main Event. Remember this is the event that has a $250,000 Grand Prize and over 1.4 Million in prizes.

  • ONLINE Main Event: They do still have all online Main Event draft times and dates open. Again, those can and will fill at any time.

  • The final deadline for the 2013 FFPC Main Event is Wednesday, August 28th by midnight Pacific. After that, they cannot guarantee to have a spot open and teams will be wait-listed.
Congrats on their awesome success so far in 2013.

Dont forget they also have:

--FootballGuys Players Championship (FPC)-Only $350 to play and compete for $2,000 in league prizes. The Grand Prize to one lucky team is $250,000!

--Finally some great satellite options with entry fees of anywhere from $77 for their draft masters format to $500 Victory Point Leagues and Auction leagues.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I love the FFPC and their winning customer service. You can't beat the format, prizes in escrow, quick payouts and unbeatable staff.

A special shout out to Chris Lambert. Chris has helped me a ton with moving around some conflicting dates/times with some of my FFPC and FPC drafts. Thanks Chris! She always answers quickly and efficiently.

Do you want 2013 FF rankings? Check out my Fantasy Football Player Rankings 2013 at 

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