Wednesday, August 28, 2013

3 Preseason Weeks in the books, so what do we know?

I have learned many things from my 13+drafts and 3 preseason games so far. In no particular order here they are:

-The QB position is deep. There are 15 QBs I would not mind having and that can be top 8 performers. After the top 5 on my rankings sheet (Brees, Rodgers, P Manning, Newton and Brady in that order) I really do not know who will be where but I would take any of them to start the season. 

-The WR position is also deep. There are about 4 that are super studs (CJ, AJ Green, Marshall and Dez Bryant) and another 6-8 that are capable of putting up top 5 numbers. After that the next 20 are pretty good. And then there are some really nice sleepers in the WR 40-50 range. You can alternate RB and WR and have a very nice roster this year while waiting on QB and TE.

-There is only one TE worth drafting early-Jimmy Graham (PPR leagues). There are many TEs who are worth getting late. 

-Owners still forget to boxout on the corners. Example A team 10 is on pick 5 of the draft. He is considering a RB or a WR. Both teams after him (11 and 12) have 3 RBs and 1 WR. What position should team 10 take? Assuming the players at RB and WR have the same value, team 10 should go WR since that is probably where teams 11 and 12 are going to go with most of their pick 5 and 6.

-Owners forget that there are NFL teams on byes in week 12 when SOME FF leagues have their playoffs. If your league rewards a first place regular season finish with enough compensation then losing C.J Spiller for the FF playoffs may be worth having him all regular season. If not then...buyer beware. 

-GB may have a different kicker this year than last. Miami will have a different kicker. 

-Oak will have a different QB than last year and he may not be the highest paid QB on their roster.

-SD looks horrible and cannot keep a WR healthy. Ryan Mathews will see Danny Woodhead on the field more than himself due SD's passing from behind constantly. OAK is competing for the same title only with different problems.

-Ryan Williams may not make the AZ team. Ditto for Tim Tebow in NE. 

-PIT, NO, CIN, DEN and CAR all may have RBBC. Rank them accordingly. 

-Do not buy into the RBBC in MIA hype-Draft Lamar Miler for his speed and have Daniel Thomas on speed dial for waivers if needed or stash him if the roster is deep enough.

-The Jets QB position is ugly. BUF may be uglier for Week 1 with neither of their QBs healthy.

-Ronnie Hillman and Chris Johnson will run they ball for the respective teams from the 20 to the 20 and then Montee Ball or Shonn Greene will come in and goalline vulture the TDs.

-IND is suspposed to run more this year. If they do not find a healthy RB (Ahmad Bradshaw are you listening) then Luck may throw as much as last year.

-C. J Spiller is the real deal and should be drafted as a top 5 RB

-Dez Bryant is a Top 4 WR this year.

-DET may surprise some this year. HOU will not-they are still a very good team.

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