Monday, August 26, 2013

Fantasy Football Tip #230 Average Draft Position for any given league is heavily influenced by the default rankings used by the website provider

If you think about it this is pretty obvious but FF players forget it all the time. Your leagues ADP will he heavily influenced by the overall rankings used on the draft page by your league. If those rankings have Montee Ball at RB15 he will be drafted higher on average than other sites that use another provider where Ball is ranked RB25. 

Even though some owners will ignore the rankings provided some will use them to varying degrees. Some may decide to use them as a "fail-safe" mechanism where they look at the overall rankings and pick players that have been at the top for what they feel is too long etc. In this manner they are in fact swayed by the rankings themselves. 

Keep this in mind when you think about using the "default" rankings. Where did they come from and how are they affecting the average draft position for similar leagues this season.

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