Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ask the Expert: Which First Round Pick Would You Avoid?

Of all the consensus first-round picks -- think, a dozen or so players likely to be selected in the first round of most drafts -- which one player do you expect to avoid drafting, and why?

In a 12-team PPR league that starts 1/2/2/1/1/1+a flex player I see 10 RBs and 2 WRs drafted (Perhaps TE Jimmy Graham with a late pick too). That means Calvin Johnson and either A.J Green or Dez Bryant and the top 10 RBs-usually AP, Martin, AF, JC, Rice, McCoy, Spiller, Richardson, Forte and Lynch. To be perfectly honest I see something in all of these players. Nothing stands out like in years past where I am staying away from someone. The first three RBs are studs (Martin may have a sophomore slump but nothing to avoid drafting him). Jamaal Charles will be exciting to watch in Andy Reid’s KC offense. Rice may lose some touches to Bernard Pierce but gain some with Pitta out. McCoy gets Chip Kelly’s new offense. Spiller has great yards after the catch and 30 carries a game is not out of the question. Trent Richardson played hurt last year and was a top 10 RB. This year he is healthy and gets Norv Turner as his OC. Lynch did well last year without Percy Harvin so why not the same this year. What’s not to love? If Alfred Morris slipped into the first round (say no WRs or TEs went other than CJ) then I might not pick him but instead go with a top 3 WR simply because I do not trust Shanahan completely.
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