Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 FFPC Pros vs Joes Challenge

The Pros vs Joes Concept
In 2009, FFPC teamed up with Darren Armani of to create a new expert contest. I was honored to be one of the first Pros invited to play that inaugural year. Since then, what has become known as the FFPC Pros vs Joes Challenge has blossomed into a full blown feature competition.
The FFPC Pros vs Joes Draft Challenge concept is simple. Take a group of hard core FFPC fantasy players (the Joes) and pit them against a contingent of fantasy industry experts (the Pros). The overall field is divided into separate divisions (leagues). Each division of 12 conducts their own draft. The format is FFPC Draft Experts, 28-round live drafts (optimized scoring, no lineup submission) that take place in late July. The highest scoring team after 16 weeks in each division wins that league. The one team which outscores all other across all divisions over 16 weeks is crowned the FFPC Pros vs Joes Champion.

2015 FFPC Pros vs Joes Challenge
FFPC Pros vs. Joes has become a true showcase event and that continues again this year. The FFPC will once again give away six (6) entries into the 2016 FFPC Main Event to each Pros vs Joes division winner, each valued at $1,750 per team for a total value of over $10,000 !!
The 2015 challenge is limited to six (6) leagues, a total of 36 Joes and 36 Pros.

The Pros vs Joes Selection Process
The 36 Pros are selected by the FFPC and and invited into this competition.
The 36 Joes were selected via a random drawing.  To register for the random drawing, there is only one qualification required: the Joe must be registered for the 2015 FFPC Main Event by the Early-bird deadline in early May.

2015 Pros vs Joes Challenge Broadcast
2015 Draft Schedule:
Draft #1 – Sunday July 19, 8:00 pm Eastern
Draft #2 – Monday July 20, 9:00 pm Eastern
Draft #3 – Tuesday July 21, 10:00 pm Eastern
Draft #4 – Sunday July 26, 8:00 pm Eastern (Next Draft, my Draft)
Draft #5 – Monday July 27, 9:00 pm Eastern
Draft #6 – Tuesday July 28, 10:00 pm Eastern

All six of the Pros vs Joes Drafts will be broadcasted live on the High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour blog talk radio show. Participants from the Pros and Joes will be invited to appear live to discuss the ongoing drafts.
The draftboards will also be available for viewing live on

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