Monday, July 20, 2015

Quick Analysis of last nights Pros vs Joes Draft for League 1 "Boating While Intoxicated"

First let me admit I did not get a chance to listen to the play by play of each pick on the High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour, but I intend to do so tomorrow.

Here is my quick take on this 28 round, draft masters league with FFPC scoring and roster rules.

Favorite team is drafted by Evan Silva
Great start with Jamaal Charles and Jeremy Hill. Three starting QBs who are QB12-12 and can give a good return in "draft and forget" format. Likewise three TEs in Martellius Bennett, Jordann Cameron and Tyler Eifert who can give you TE5 production and a decent flex each week. Slightly weak on WRs but appeared to be stockpiling them as we entered the 18th round. 

I also like Joe Stutesman's team too. Great start with Eddie Lacy, Jimmy Graham, Greg Olsen and Lamar Miller followed by three strong WRs. He has three QBs (Stafford, Romo, Carr) and three TEs and BUF Defense going into the 18th. 

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