Friday, July 17, 2015

Fantasy Football World Championship League Options

The Fantasy Football World Championships is open for business and season IV.  They are taking entries now.  What are you waiting for?

The FFWC Grand Prize is $150,000.

They also offer other fantasy football games.

Scout Online Championship/formerly known RotoBowl ($299)
-Grand Prize of $50,000 ($500,000 Mega Prize if you win the Online Championship and the Mock Draft World Championship)
-Over $2,400 in League Prizes ($1,500 or 2016 FFWC Main Event Entry ($1,725) for 1st place and $250 or a 2016 Online Championship entry ($299 value) plus $200 for Regular season Best Record and $200 for Regular season Most Points
-67.5% ROI for League Prizes alone plus chance at $50,000

Qualifier ($199)
-$2,024 in League Prizes ($1,500 cash or 2016 FFWC Main Event Entry ($1,725) for 1st place and $250 or a 2016 Online Championship entry ($299 value)
-85% ROI  (73% if cash prizes taken)

Online Draft-N-GOs ($99 or $259)
These are leagues where all you do is draft and then no other actions are needed. 
$99 Leagues
-$998 worth of league prizes
-1st place $600 cash, 2nd place 2016 Online Championship Entry ($299) and 3rd place is a 2016 Online Draft-N-Go team ($99)
-84% ROI for $99 Leagues

$259 Leagues
-1st place 2016 FFWC Main Event entry ($1,725 value) or $1,500 cash
-2nd place  Two 2016 Online Championship Entries ($598 value) and a 2016 $250 draft-n-go entry or $750 cash
-3rd place 2016 $259 draft-n-go entry 
-91.4% ROI for $259 Leagues ($2841 worth of FFWC Entries)(80% ROI cash only)

Scout "Draft Only" or "Full Season" Starter League ($35)
-1st place $200 cash or 2016 Online Championship entry ($299 value)
-2nd place $75 Scout Credit
-3rd place $25 Scout Credit
-95% ROI (71.4% ROI if take cash)

Dynasty Football World Championship (DFWC) ($299)
-2013 and 2014 sold out, 2015 is limited to 432 teams
-$2,625 in League Prizes (1st place $1,500 cash or 2016 FFWC Main Event Entry ($1,725, 2nd Place $400 cash, plus $250 for regular season best record and $250 for most points)
-ROI 66.9% if cash taken  (73% ROI if FFWC Main Event chosen) and chance for $10,000 Grand Prize ($17,500+ in Prizes Overall including a $2,000 bonus for three year performance)

2015 FFWC Main Event

$200 deposit secures a 2015 Main Event team entry ($1,725 total entry fee)

This will be the fourth season of the FFWC and they offer some exciting incentives:
-$150,000 Grand Prize
-$12,500 in League Prizes
-Only 900 teams are allowed to enter (456 played last year and that number is expected to increase)

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