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Fantasy Index Expers finishes 14th, 10th and 10th-11th overall

Fantasy Index Experts Poll

Running the numbers for four different systems, the same names tend to come out on top. Scott Pianowski is the winner in three of them. L'Roy Hale is champion in the other.

Below are four different possible formats for the regular Experts Poll competition (the 30-11, 25-6 and 20-1 sliding scales, as well as one chart based on the average of the other three).

Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Sports is definitely the winner for 2013. He won three of the four different formats (including the one designated prior to the competition as the official scoring for the contest).

L’Roy Hale of Fantasy First won the other scoring format. He came in first when more of a priority was placed on the highest picked (with guys ranked 15th to 20th not mattering so much).

The same names are at the top in every format, and the same names are at the bottom. Pianowski, Hale and Henry are in the top 4 in every format.

Just because a guy finishes near the bottom, by the way, doesn’t mean that you should disregard his opinions in the future. Lenny Pappano, Paul Charchian, Christopher Harris and Tony Holm finished in the bottom 5 in a lot of formats, and those guys know their stuff.

Injuries play a huge role in this kind of a contest. Anybody who was high on players like Connor Barth, Dennis Pitta, Percy Harvin, Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Michael Crabtree and Josh Freeman was going to take a beating.

The picks were due in mid-May.

I finished 12th in QB, 5th in RB, 18th in WR, 13th in TE, 16th in K and 13th in Def for a 14th overall finish.

EXPERTS POLL (Official scoring, 30-11 scale)
1.Scott PianowskiYahoo! Sports387,739
2.L'Roy HaleFantasy First387,121
3.Mike ClayPro Football Focus384,038
4.Bob HenryFootballguys.com383,405
5.Chris LissRotowire382,712
6.Micah JamesFFMagicMan382,506
7.David DoreyThe Huddle382,439
8.Bill EnrightFantasy Football Champs382,085
9.Alan SatterleeDynasty Football Warehouse381,886
10.Ladd BiroFantasy Fools380,492
11.Cory BoniniKFFL380,143
12.Michael NazarekFantasy Football Mastermind378,847
13.Scott SachsPerfectSeasonFFB.com378,801
14.Sam HendricksFantasy Football Guidebook378,700
15.John Moore2012 Fantasy Index Open377,943
16.Pretzel MayFantasy Draft Master377,858
17.Paul CharchianLeagueSafe377,471
18.Tony HolmFantasySharks.com375,397
19.Lenny PappanoDraft Sharks374,573
20.Christopher HarrisESPN374,510

1.L'Roy HaleFantasy First203,912
2.Bob HenryFootballguys.com203,214
3.Scott PianowskiYahoo! Sports202,730
4.Chris LissRotowire202,691
5.Bill EnrightFantasy Football Champs202,620
6.Mike ClayPro Football Focus202,253
7.David DoreyThe Huddle202,056
8.Micah JamesFFMagicMan201,603
9.Pretzel MayFantasy Draft Master201,464
10.Sam HendricksFantasy Football Guidebook201,430
11.Alan SatterleeDynasty Football Warehouse201,249
12.Michael NazarekFantasy Football Mastermind201,226
13.Cory BoniniKFFL200,236
14.Ladd BiroFantasy Fools199,779
15.Lenny PappanoDraft Sharks198,861
16.John Moore2012 Fantasy Index Open198,750
17.Christopher HarrisESPN198,636
18.Scott SachsPerfectSeasonFFB.com198,037
19.Tony HolmFantasySharks.com197,803
20.Paul CharchianLeagueSafe197,497

1.Scott PianowskiYahoo! Sports293,149
2.L'Roy HaleFantasy First292,365
3.Bob HenryFootballguys.com290,534
4.Bill EnrightFantasy Football Champs289,918
5.Mike ClayPro Football Focus289,856
6.Chris LissRotowire289,560
7.Micah JamesFFMagicMan289,497
8.Ladd BiroFantasy Fools287,925
9.David DoreyThe Huddle287,784
10.Sam HendricksFantasy Football Guidebook287,618
11.Alan SatterleeDynasty Football Warehouse287,585
12.Michael NazarekFantasy Football Mastermind287,171
13.Pretzel MayFantasy Draft Master286,839
14.Cory BoniniKFFL285,979
15.Scott SachsPerfectSeasonFFB.com285,878
16.John Moore2012 Fantasy Index Open285,384
17.Christopher HarrisESPN284,280
18.Lenny PappanoDraft Sharks284,043
19.Paul CharchianLeagueSafe283,800
20.Tony HolmFantasySharks.com283,020

AVERAGE OF ALL THREE (30-11, 25-6, 20-1)
1.Scott Pianowski113
2.L'Roy Hale221
3.Bob Henry432
4.Mike Clay356
5.Chris Liss564
6.Bill Enright845
7.Micah James678
8.David Dorey797
9.Alan Satterlee91111
10.Ladd Biro10814
11.Sam Hendricks141010
12.Michael Nazarek121212
13.Pretzel May16139
14.Cory Bonini111413
15.Scott Sachs131518
16.John Moore151616
17.Lenny Pappano191815
18.Christopher Harris201717
19.Paul Charchian171920
20.Tony Holm182019

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