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Fantasy Index Open Results

Fantasy Index Open

Some of you may remember that I won the Fantasy Index Open in the inaugural year last year. I beat 91 other competitors to earn the coveted trophy seen on the Fantasy Index page.

I did not repeat as Champion this year, instead I placed 27th in the competition out of 209 contestants and 47th overall when the contest entries were run through three different scoring systems. In fact I finished 56th in QB, 51st in RB, 60th in WR and then started to trail badly in the lesser positions-96th in TE, 128th in K and 185th in D/ST.

Ian Allan runs the entries through three different scoring systems, trying to gauge the best way to grade the entries for next year. Best to put the premium on the early picks? Or give more credit for hitting on sleepers in the teens?

Tom Deskovitz of South Lyon, Michigan, won the crown for the 2013 Fantasy Index Open. Of the 209 entries, he was able to put together the best preseason top 20 lists at each position.

Deskovitz wins a big trophy from Affordable Trophies. They’re the sponsor of this competition.

Michael Livengood from Ward, Arkansas, was the 2nd-place finisher. Like Deskovitz, he’ll compete in the regular Experts Poll in the 2014 edition of Fantasy Football Index.

 For years, Ian Allen graded the Experts Poll using a system of 20 points (as multipliers) for the players ranked No. 1, sliding down to just 1 point for the 20th guys. More recently, he has used a scale sliding from 30 down to 11.

With the 20-1 scoring system, that puts the premium on getting the right picks at the top. His fear with that scoring system is that it doesn’t matter enough if you happen to be one of the few guys who comes through with a breakout player in the later teens – think Josh Gordon, LeVeon Bell and Philip Rivers.

But with the 30-11 scoring system, those teen picks might be TOO valuable. With that scoring system, it seems that if you hit on those picks in the teens, that might be a lot more important than whether you had Jamaal Charles 2nd or 5th.

An additional option is to split it down the middle. So he ran the numbers this morning on the 25-6 scale. Right now the 25-6 grading scale is the frontrunner for the 2014 season.

The three categories this year were won by two guys. Deskovitz won the official scoring. The other two systems he looked at were both won by Dana Duffield of Rochester, Minn. So if Deskovitz is the WBC champ, than Duffield can claim the WBA and IBF belts.
Below are the top 20 for each of those scoring systems.

OFFICIAL SCORING (30-11 scale)
1Tom DeskovitzSouth Lyon, Mich.393,916
2Michael LivengoodWard, Ark.393,379
3Dana DuffieldRochester, Minn.393,042
4Steve MoyerAlameda, Calif.392,817
5Tom OverbergerBedminster, Pa.392,708
6Jamie AlbertsSturgeon Bay, Wis.391,938
7Aaron SucovMonmouth Junction, N.J.391,650
8Derek MathisNorth Charleston, S.C.391,647
9John D. SmithMount Laurel, N.J.390,809
10Doug PawlakKnoxville, Tenn.390,751
11Scott LilesRussellville, Ark.390,725
12Dean TuffieAliquippa, Pa.390,670
13S. LindMonmouth Junction, N.J.390,659
14Stephen MckenzieRed Wing, Minn.390,413
15Mike ClayFleetwood, Pa.390,338
16Juan NovoMiami, Fla.390,177
17Curt GoldgrabeBoise, Idaho390,107
18Zach LeavittHighlands Ranch, Colo.390,012
19Mike BallietMilton, Pa.389,848
20Joseph MichelangeloOceanside, N.Y.389,758
1Dana DuffieldRochester, Minn.207,386
2Mike NeaseWest Chicago, Ill.207,160
3Brian SauberDenver, Colo.206,991
4Mike CarlsonSacramento, Calif.206,964
5Bradley WolfrumAlpharetta, Ga.206,927
6Curt GoldgrabeBoise, Idaho206,880
7Michael LivengoodWard, Ark.206,579
8Scott LilesRussellville, Ark.206,562
9S. LindMonmouth Junction, N.J.206,522
10Steve MoyerAlameda, Calif.206,326
11Aaron SucovMonmouth Junction, N.J.206,326
12Jeff RicheyFlower Mound, Texas206,306
13John D. SmithMount Laurel, N.J.206,231
14Mike ClayFleetwood, Pa.206,196
15Stephen MckenzieRed Wing, Minn.206,184
16Tom DeskovitzSouth Lyon, Mich.206,159
17Chad EisenhowerReading, Pa.206,042
18Brant HollenbeckLansing, Mich.205,954
19John O'KaneFlemington, N.J.205,946
20Tom OverbergerBedminster, Pa.205,890
POSSIBLE 2014 SCORING (25-6 scale)
1Dana DuffieldRochester, Minn.300,214
2Tom DeskovitzSouth Lyon, Mich.300,037
3Michael LivengoodWard, Ark.299,979
4Steve MoyerAlameda, Calif.299,572
5Tom OverbergerBedminster, Pa.299,299
6Aaron SucovMonmouth Junction, N.J.298,988
7Scott LilesRussellville, Ark.298,643
8Derek MathisNorth Charleston, S.C.298,628
9S. LindMonmouth Junction, N.J.298,590
10Jamie AlbertsSturgeon Bay, Wis.298,576
11John D. SmithMount Laurel, N.J.298,520
12Curt GoldgrabeBoise, Idaho298,493
13Mike NeaseWest Chicago, Ill.298,341
14Mike CarlsonSacramento, Calif.298,308
15Stephen MckenzieRed Wing, Minn.298,298
16Mike ClayFleetwood, Pa.298,267
17Bradley WolfrumAlpharetta, Ga.298,169
18Brian SauberDenver, Colo.298,083
19Dean TuffieAliquippa, Pa.298,071
20Juan NovoMiami, Fla.297,935
1Dana DuffieldRochester, Minn.113
2Michael LivengoodWard, Ark.732
3Steve MoyerAlameda, Calif.1044
4Tom DeskovitzSouth Lyon, Mich.1621
5Aaron SucovMonmouth Junction, N.J.1167
6Scott LilesRussellville, Ark.8711
7Tom OverbergerBedminster, Pa.2055
8S. LindMonmouth Junction, N.J.9913
9John D. SmithMount Laurel, N.J.13119
10Curt GoldgrabeBoise, Idaho61217
11Mike NeaseWest Chicago, Ill.21323
12Mike CarlsonSacramento, Calif.41421
13Derek MathisNorth Charleston, S.C.2888
14Stephen MckenzieRed Wing, Minn.151514
15Mike ClayFleetwood, Pa.141615
16Bradley WolfrumAlpharetta, Ga.51725
17Brian SauberDenver, Colo.31827
18Jamie AlbertsSturgeon Bay, Wis.37106
19Dean TuffieAliquippa, Pa.291912
20Mike BallietMilton, Pa.212119

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