Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Day To Get Early Bird Discount in Two Great Fantasy Football Contests!

Both the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) and the National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) have Early Bird $100 discounts that end today. Act now to get the saving.

I have played in both contests for many years and love both formats!

If you are looking to save $100 on your FFPC or NFFC entry fee. Act today!

Not only will you get $100 off the normal FFPC entry fee of $1,825 (if drafting live) and $100 off the $1,700 Online draft team but you will be added into a lottery for the Pros vs Joes contest! Additional teams are given a $200 discount.

An added bonus with early bird registration is entry into the lottery for the Pros vs. Joes competition where winners can win a Main Event entry for 2015!

This early bird pricing ends on Monday 12 May. You can reserve a team for just $200.

$1,725 -- Live, in-person draft team, $100 off regular entry price
$1,600 -- Online draft team, $100 off regular entry price

$1,625 -- Each Additional Live, in-person draft team, $200 off regular entry price
$1,500 -- Each Additional Online draft team, $200 off regular entry price

Here's the deal: Sign up for any NFFC Classic or Primetime event by May 12th and receive $100 off the $1,600 price. You can get any single Main Event for $1,500 and if you take multiple Main Events there will be no Events Fee or co-manager fee for those teams or any other live event. That's quite a savings, especially if you're drafting with us in Las Vegas or New York City

The grand prize for the NFFC Primetime is again $150,000 and the grand prize for the NFFC Classic is $100,000. Lock in your $100 off savings now and get ready to compete for these grand prizes and the $6,500 and $7,000 league prizes. No deposit needed to secure this savings, just your commitment via an official Registration. Payments won't run until Aug. 1st, so keep your money for now but secure your team in any of our live events. You can even change the date and time of your Classic or Primetime after May 12th to retain the $100 discount.

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