Friday, May 16, 2014

NFFC Offers $75,000 Bonus If Owner Wins Both Their Contests


The National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) are once again offering a $75,000 cash bonus to anyone who can win the overall titles in both the NFFC Classic & NFFC Primetime. It's not easy to do, but last year they had 180+ owners who had a shot at this cash bonus and 22 owners who had teams in both Championship Rounds.

If someone can do this, they will win over $325,000 in prizes: $150,000 for winning the Primetime grand prize, $100,000 for winning the Classic grand prize and the $75,000 cash bonus. That doesn't even include the $13,500 in league prizes that would be available.

Here's the details, as listed under Learn More, NFFC Bonuses:

NFFC Classic & Primetime Bonus

The NFFC will offer a $75,000 cash bonus to any owner who can win the overall titles in both the NFFC Classic & Primetime Main Events. If someone can accomplish that, the total prize winnings will be $325,000+ ($150,000 in the Primetime, $100,000 in the Classic, $75,000 cash bonus plus any league winnings). Only those owners entered in both events -- and owners can have multiple teams in each event to increase their odds of winning -- have a shot at this $75,000 cash bonus.

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