Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three Expert League Drafts this week!

Drafting tonight for the 25th Anniversary Fantasy Football Pro Forecast magazine. What an honor and a privilege to be asked to participate. I have had the drafted as an expert in their magazine for the past six years!

It is a PPR mock draft tonight.

I am just about half way through an Experts Mock Draft for the FFPC in a draft masters format in preparation for their Pros vs Joes contest. 

I am pleased to announce I have been asked to participate in the FFPC Pros vs Joes again this year! There I will be one of six experts in my league battling six fantasy football players of the FFPC Main Event who were selected from the FFPC early bird entrants. The 12 team league offers our winner a Main Event entry to the FFPC 2015.

Thursday I have a non PPR draft for the same magazine.

Next Wednesday I am in an auction draft for Fantasy Football Index magazine.

I can feel the FF excitement starting to build. 

I will give some analysis on the drafts in the following days.

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