Saturday, May 24, 2014

Observations From Fantasy Football Drafts So Far-QB

First let me point out that I have drafted in five fantasy football drafts so far the past two weeks.
Several have been Expert drafts for upcoming fantasy football magazines (Pro Forecast magazine both their PPR and Non-PPR leagues) and a mock for the Pro's vs Joe's FFPC League coming up this summer. I also have another draft I am preparing for next week-the Fantasy Football Index Expert Auction League. So I have done some drafts recently and have a few more next week. I mention the Expert drafts because the competition in them is fierce. No dead money teams in these leagues. Everyone is top notch and fighting for his or her reputation on the line. I say "her" as Jules McLean participated in several of the drafts and I consider  her one of the top fantasy football players in the world. 

Here are my observations/strategies going into the draft season based on some early Expert drafts and mock drafts. 

QB-I will say it again this year. WAIT ON QB. You can get a good QB1 in the later rounds and not give up too much over a QB5 or 6. Peyton goes in the middle of the 2nd round (I prefer Brees but who's arguing). QB2 and 3 go in the third round. QB 4 and 5 go early in the 4th round-too early. That is too high a price in my book when you can get a QB later who can give you just 60 FP less (3 pts per game less). And by the way with a decent backup for your QB-i.e wait and then go QB-WR-QB you can IMO cut some of the point differential with a QBBC situation. It takes some work but I say you only give up about 30 FP this way. And I would much rather have a 3rd round RB or WR on my team and possibly sacrifice 30 points at QB. So wait and get your first QB AFTER everyone else has drafted their QB. This means drafting your first QB in round 10 or later in many cases. And often you have your Q10 or Q11 available because opinions differ on these mid range QBs. 

I wait until everyone has drafted their QB then watch the draft tracker to see who might be going for their second QB and try and jump in before them. Teams with a weaker QB1 are probably more likely to pull the trigger on their next QB.

Often it can mean a great deal for you. I have seen Nick Foles, Tom Brady, Tony Romo and Russell Wilson as choices in different leagues if you wait. Once you do draft your QB-get your second shortly thereafter. Try and pair up two good mid range QBs for the QBBC option. I like Romo and Rivers or even Dalton and Cutler as great combos. 

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