Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fantasy Football Overall Rankings PPR League

This is really selfish but I am only going to release a few of my rankings this week. You see I am in the Pros vs Joes Contest in the first draft Sunday 20 July at 8PM ET. It is the "Hong Kong Phooey" League #1 and you can hear the draft live on the High Stakes Fantasy Football Radio Show (Blogtalk radio). 

You can also watch the drafts live at

You should be able to see the draft board and the picks as they happen.

I think the Twitter address is #ProsVsJoes

I do not want to give the other 11 owners my cheat sheets so….I am limiting the release of my player rankings this week. Rest assured next week, after my Pros vs Joes draft I will post my entire QB, RB, WR, TE, K and DEF/ST rankings!

Until then here is a little taster of my overall PPR Top 12 plus one for a bakers dozen.

1 Jamaal Charles
2 Adrian Peterson
3 LeSean McCoy
4 Matt Forte
These are the big 4 Stud RBs
5 Calvin Johnson
6 Jimmy Graham
These next 2 are interchangeable
7 Eddie Lacey
8 Demaryius Thomas
9 Rob Gronkowski
10 AJ Green
11 Dez Bryant
12 Arian Foster
13 Brandon Marshall

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