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Sam Hendricks Explores Global Espionage and Terrorism in New Thriller

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Sam Hendricks Explores Global Espionage and Terrorism in New Thriller

Forest, VA. – July 2, 2014 – Extra Point Press, the self-publishing industry dynamo, is pleased to announce the publication of author Sam Hendricks’ first fiction novel Just One More. Just One More (ISBN 978-0-9824286-4-1) is available to order from and

Author Sam Hendricks trained to fly F-4 and F-15 Strike Eagles and served in the USAF during Operation Desert Storm. Now he taps into that flight experience in the first of a planned series of books on international terrorism and USAF pilot heroics. Sam drew from his many experiences flying the F-4 and F-15 to come up with plot ideas. “There are old pilots and bold pilots”, the author said. “But no old, bold pilots.”

Just One More has already received positive reviews. “Hendricks is a born storyteller”.

Sam won’t say whether the main character of Sean “Rider” Walters is based on him, but he does acknowledge that he drew from his many flight experiences, in and out of the jet, to enliven the story.

The series will capture the tension, drama and excitement of global espionage while going into vivid detail about the planning and cunning that are needed to defeat the world’s most dangerous terrorists. The stories will definitely have their serious side, but will show a lighter side to the main characters and their off-duty pursuits as well.

Sam Hendricks is an award-winning author of fifteen books. He flew F-4 and F-15 aircraft in the USAF including combat missions in Operation Desert Storm. He has 10,000+ combined flight/simulator fighter hours. His career has included stints as a fighter pilot, flight instructor and writer. He has a Masters in Financial Planning.

Sam is best known as the author of Fantasy Football Guidebook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Playing Fantasy Football (ISBN 978-0-9824286-0-3) and its follow ups Fantasy Football Tips: 201 Ways to Win through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting (ISBN 978-0-9824286-6-5) and Fantasy Football Basics: The Ultimate "How-To" Guide For Beginners (978-0-9824286-3-4).
His first book, Fantasy Football Guidebook garnered national acclaim as a Best Books Award winner in 2008, through which he earned “expert” status on various fantasy football magazines and for which he garnered more than 40 media appearances. Sam’s rankings, projections and expert analysis appear in numerous fantasy sports magazines including this year’s Fantasy Football Pro Forecast 2014 and Fantasy Football Index 2014. He is an expert at the “Ask the Expert” column at and a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). In recent years Sam finished 7th and 16th overall (out of 228 players) in the Fantasy Football Players Championship.
Sam lives in England with his lovely Danish wife Birgitte. He is available for interviews and book signings via his publisher, Extra Point Press.

Extra Point Press is an independent publisher dedicated to providing quality books in the fantasy sports and fiction categories. We currently have ten titles available including Fantasy Football Guidebook, Fantasy Football Tips, Fantasy Football Basics, Fantasy Football Almanac, Fantasy Baseball for Beginners, Fantasy Soccer, Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Basketball Handbook, Fantasy Football for Winners, and Just One More. All are available from Amazon, BN and other online retailers as well as, in both paperback and electronic versions. More information can be found at the official websites:,, and

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