Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fantasy Football Pro Forecast PPR Draft

Now that the current issue of Fantasy Football Pro Forecast 2014 has hit newstands I can talk about our recent (May) PPR draft.

You can find the entire draft along with commentary on page 78-79 of the magazine.

I drafted from the 5 spot and my team is below. You can read my thoughts on each pick in the magazine. I will have some overall thoughts below.

1.05 Calvin Johnson WR
2.08 Brandon Marshall WR
3.05 Zac Stacy RB
4.08 C. J. Spiller RB
5.05 Jason Witten TE
6.08 Rashard Jennings RB
7.05 Knowshon Moreno RB (This was before he dropped with his over weight self at OTA's)
8.08 Matt Ryan QB  (Love my QB in the 8th but I could have waited longer)
9.05 James Jones WR
10.08 Rueben Randle WR
11.05 Kenny Stills WR
12.08 Danny Amendola WR
13.05 New England DEF
14.08 Matt Blair K

Draft Observations
Peyton Manning went in the first round which is pretty early for me. Aaron Rodgers who I love to draft this year went in the 5th round! Drew Brees in the middle 4th. I like their value more than Peytons simply because of where they were drafted.

When it comes to QB get one of the top 3 if you can get them later (4th or later rounds) and if not wait until everyone has their QB and then wait some more. Get your first in the 12th round. He will have a decent chance of being a Top 10 QB and you will have drafted so much more value in the intervening rounds.

I think WR-WR is the way to go from the 8th-12th draft spot.
If you have the 1st thru 6th then it will be Stud RBs or Calvin Johnson or Jimmy Graham.

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