Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Maximum Fantasy Sports Has Lots to Love

Maximum Fantasy Sports (MFS) offers daily, weekly and monthly fantasy football games and league support. 

But what I am most intrigued about are their unique options that are available. One is their In-game player change option. It allows you to bench a player (either for injury or poor play) by adjusting your lineup at the end of a quarter or half. I love this ability. Of course it puts a premium (or advantage) to the individual who is watching the NFL games live via the NFL Red Zone etc. 

I think it may be a great "Fantasy Playoff" option. I.e only used when teams are in the playoffs and watching the games intently in weeks 14-16.

Here is a list of options available at MFS:
  • In-game player changes to handle player benching or injuries by adjusting your lineup at the end of a quarter or half
  • The ability to play a Head-to-Head game and a second game during the regular season against the League Average every week
  • Bye Week Rollover to give you a method of using your players for 17 weeks
  • Multi-team trades to put together your own blockbuster deals
  • Redraft and Keeper leagues
  • Team QB flex position, in addition to multiple other flex positions
  • Head-to-Head and Total Points leagues
  • Joint team owners, including during your Live draft
  • Bonuses on top of the normal scoring system
  • 2-week playoff option where the combined total is used to determine the winner
  • Injured Reserve positions

Check them out and see if they have something you love. 

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