Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pros vs. Joes Challenge Participants

Pros vs. Joes Challenge

The 5th annual Pros vs Joes Challenge has set their lineup.  Thirty-six professional fantasy writers and analysts compete with thirty-six Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) players for the overall title, six FFPC Main Event teams, side bets and bragging rights.

Darren Armani of is the main man here and deserves a ton of credit for his work on this every season.  Darren has assembled an amazing lineup of professional writers and analysts.  These writers work tirelessly throughout the offseason and season to assemble fantastic fantasy content for us as players and we at the FFPC truly appreciate them playing in our sandbox for a few hours during these drafts.    

Introducing the Pros

John Hansen -
Scott Engel -
Corey Parson - SiriusXMFantasyRadio
Darren Armani -
David Dodds  - 
Jared Smola  - 
Jim Day  - 
Jules McLean  - 
Kevin English  - 
Micah James -
Sigmund Bloom  - 
Slam Hendricks  - 
Nelson Sousa -
Gary Davenport  - 
FantasyDouche -
Jay Myers -
Michael Nazarek -
Mike Clay  - 
Jeff Manns -
Ted Schuster -
Nathan Zegura  -
Jeff Roth -
C.D. Carter -
Eric Mack -
JJ Zachariason -
Cal Spears -
David Gonos -
Justin Sablich - NY Times Fifth Down Blog
Evan Silva -
Lou Tranquilli -
Alex Miglio / Austin Lee -
Shane Hallam -
Ken Moody -
Jake Ciely -


Introducing the Joes

Brian Pakulla
Alexander Blake/Chris Holland
Brian Madsen
KJ Duke
Chris Carlson
Craig Mastro
Dan Hendrickson
David Avedissian
David Fowler
David Hughes
Derek Lee
Don Metter
Edward Pappalardo
Flavius Henderson
Frank Renner
Glenn Lowy
Gregg Zwickel
Hudson Reeve
Jason Goldman
Jeff Tirabassi
John Shaw
Jonathan Slack
Josh Neblett
Laurie Chiles
Mark Deziel
Michael Guzylak
Patrick Haley
Paula Lacy
Rob Noye
Rob Vieyra
Ryan Strickler
Shawn Coots
Shelly Fossum
Timothy Daneau
Wayne Ellis
Zachary Tann

The drafts will be held on the following dates.  Exact league assignments will be coming soon!
  • Sunday, July 20 @ 8 PM EST
  • Monday, July 21 @ 9 PM EST
  • Tuesday, July 22 @ 10 PM EST
  • Sunday, July 27 @ 8 PM EST
  • Monday, July 28 @ 9 PM EST
  • Tuesday, July 29 @ 10 PM EST
Each draft will be simulcast and covered live for two hours on the High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour.  They will take calls from both the Pros and Joes in what promises to be a fun and entertaining series of shows covering these drafts.

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