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FFGuidebook.com Pros vs Joes 2014 Team Continued

Today I will give the rest of my PvJ team for 2014 and commentary on my picks.

The 2014 Pros vs Joes Challenge is sponsored by the FFPC and they have given SIX Main Event Entries for the 2015 Fantasy Football Players Championship (a $1825 value) to the league winners of the PvJ Challenge.

 The Joes were as expected strong drafters. They know the format and have much experience in the FFPC format which highlights 1.5 PPR for TEs, active scoring (TDs for KR and PR count) and 2 flex positions.

Here is my team from the 10th spot:

1.10 AJ Green-WR CIN/4 
2.03 Marshawn Lynch-RB SEA/4
3.10 Reggie Bush-RB DET/9
4.03 Zac Stacy-RB STL/4
5.10 Jason Witten-TE DAL/11
6.03 Vernon Davis-TE SF/8
7.10 Steve Jackson-RB ATL/9
8.03 Dwayne Bowe-WR KC/6
9.10 Fred Jackson-RB BUF/9
10.03 Riley Cooper-WR PHI/7
11.10 Matt Ryan-QB ATL/9 (I waited on QB and was rewarded with my QB6. I think Ryan will rebound from last years 10th ranking and could be a top 5 pick. Loved him in the 11th at 130 overall (my 63rd overall). Waiting on QB can be very rewarding especially in a redraft league, but in the DE format you cannot wait too long or else you end up with only 2 starting QBs and a third with question marks who may not start. This easily could be my best pick)
12.03 Dwayne Allen-TE IND/10 (This gives me three starting TEs on different bye weeks. Now I will play a TE by committee approach and if two go off the other can be a flex. Witten-VDavis-DAllen is a pretty decent stable of TE/Flex help. Had to pull the trigger on him now since he was the last of the starting reliable TEs. Wanted to add my QB2 but hoping there is not a big run)
13.10 Carson Palmer-QB AZ/4 (7 QBs went in the 18 picks before this one. So much for waiting for Rivers, Roethlisberger, Dalton or Eli Manning. Palmer is my QB22. He'll do in a QBBC situation.
14.03 Alex Smith-QB KC/6 (I actually have Smith ahead of Palmer (QB19) in my rankings. I just messed up and drafted Carson ahead of him. I think I was doing a radio interview for High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour then. Lesson-Don't Draft and Interview. Note all QBs are starters and have different bye weeks.)
15.10 Steve Smith-WR BAL/11 (Time to stockpile WRs. Smith is my WR50 and I am lucky to get him here.
16.03 Robert Woods-WR/BUF/9 (Sammy Watkins appears to be the #1 guy in BUF but if not Woods could be the man.)
17.10 Mike Williams-WR/BUF/9 (Ditto for Williams. Consider them handcuffs to the WR1 spot at BUF. Just hoping for some help and with a DE format I do not need to decide who to start.)
18.03 PIT DEF/12 ( I usually advise going K before a DEF because there are less Kickers if you factor in position battles and chances for demotion. There will always be 32 DEF and some teams may not draft more than 2 intentionally. But ....11 were already gone by now so I dove in and got my 13th ranked D.)
19.10 Stevie Johnson-WR SF/8 (4th WR in 5 picks. That's called stockpiling! Stevie is my WR72 actually a hair ahead of Mike Williams but I wanted to corner the BUF WR market after Sammy Watkins)
20.03 NO DEF/6 (See PIT DEF pick. Only 3 kickers gone so I decide to go back to the DEF again since 4 more of them have been drafted. NO is my DEF15. And I pick them since no other remaining DEF has their bye week.)
21.10 Nate Burleson-WR CLE/4 (I should have gone Kicker since 5 more were drafted in a mini run but I want Nate Burleson who I think could end up as a major player in CLE with Josh Gordon facing a year long suspension. I take the chance.)
22.03 Alex Henery-K PHI/7
23.10 Graham Gano-K CAR/12
24.03 Mike Nugent-K CIN/4 (I take all three of my kickers back to back and deconflict their bye weeks too. Honestly they are just kickers and a Kicker by committee approach with three can give you the same points as a great kicker(hard to predict) and a good kicker. Plus with three you get some injury protection. I always go with three players from positions where I can only start 1. I.e QB, K and DEF)
25.10 Andre Roberts-WR WAS/10 A flyer on a WR who could have been more important if DJAX had not been added to the Redskins. Who knows maybe he will still get his numbers in the slot where he excels anyway.
26.03 MIN DEF/9 (Nice homer pick that provides me with 3 DEF on different bye weeks.)
27.10 Donnie Avery-WR KC/6 Insurance in case Bowe fails
28.03 Bilal Powell-RB NYJ/11 (Hope and a prayer. I wish I had gone with a 11th WR)

Predictions for the League Top 3:
1 FFGuidebook.com
2 The Dillybars-
3 Football.com

Last Place Team:

RotoExperts.com could easily finish last in this league. Mistakes (IMO) were only drafting one TE (remember TEs get 1.5 point per rececption so they are more valuable then most leagues and this league has 2 flex positions where the more valuable TEs play a vital role. Often TE are drafted a half round to a round earlier in FFPC contests. Another problem is drafting three great or good QBs in Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler and Tony Romo. You (actually the computer since this is a Draft Expert league) can only start one QB each week. So I think Cutler and Romo are wasted in the 11th and 12th since they will not add too much to the huge production of Rodgers. Having said all of that they will probably win the league.

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