Sunday, July 20, 2014

Proud to Represent Extra Point Press in the Pros vs Joes Challenge sponsored by Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC)

It is an honor to be one of the 36 Pros competing in this annual challenge. I hope to bring another Championship to the Extra Point Press mantle. I won my league in 2011.
A special thanks to the FFPC for sponsoring the PvJ Challenge and for donating a 2015 FFPC Main Event Entry for each Division winner. That is the equivalent of $1825!
I draft in 2+ hours live in the "Hong Kong Phooey"  League 
The first of the 2014 Pros vs Joes Challenges kicks off 

tonight at 8 PM EST. 

Follow me and my fellow competitors (5 other Pros and 6
 tough Joes) at


  Each draft will be broadcast live via the FFPC YouTube channel at  Here are tonight's drafters:

1 - Joes - David Hughes  (Had 3 FFPC Championships last year)
2 - Pros - Alex Miglio / Austin Lee -
3 - Joes - Jason Goldman (Daydrinkers)
4 - Pros - Jake Ciely -
5 - Joes - Chris Carlson (Well known by his team name American Mullet
6 - Pros - Gary Davenport -
7 - Joes - Craig Mastro (former WCOFF and three time FFPC Champion)
8 - Pros - Tim McCullough -
9 - Joes - David Avedissian
10 - Pros - Slam Hendricks -
11 - Joes - Dan Hendrickson (20th ranked High Stakes FF Player, has 9 HSL Championships in his career)
12 - Pros - Lou Tranquilli - (One of the original founders of the Fantasy Football Players Championship!)

The FFPC Pros vs. Joes page covers all of the action in full detail.  

Drafts two and three will take place on Monday at 9 pm ET and Tuesday at 10 pm ET, respectively.

Hope you can all follow along as I draft a League Champion!

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